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McCloud Designs and Concepts

McCloud Layout
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McCloud is an interactive series in which the audience can influence the choices of the main protagonist, ultimately changing the overall outcome of the story. Audiences can vote on the choice by tweeting "IamMcCloud" tagged onto the end of what choice they'd like McCloud to take.

Core Characters

Dilann McCloud

The thirty-year-old captain of the Albatross, and main protagonist of the story that is “McCloud”. Dilann’s initial character is can be looked at from two different view points. He was part of the Galactic Alliance of the New Republic before he resigned due to the fact he believed the GANR was becoming corrupted. He enjoys roaming the galaxy on various missions with his crew, and never wants to be nailed down to one particular job or location. He’s tactful, strategic, resourceful, and oddly sentimental, in that he refuses to get rid of his ship “The Albatross”, because of sentimental ties to his father. He usually believes in justice, but stumbles in the gray areas of morality.

Dr. Marsene Zoy

Zoy is the only non-human member of captain McCloud’s crew. His species has the life-span of over two-thousand years, so he’s witnessed ancient wars, and the introduction of humanity to the Galactic Senate. Zoy is a brilliant scientist and a cunning inventor. He designs prototype weapons for the crew, as well as maintains everyone’s health during missions. Zoy is the most logical and practical thinker on board the Albatross, this hand-in-hand with his being over eight hundred years old, causes him to look at mortality much differently from the way it looks to humans.

Kiki Choi

A short, peppy seventeen year old mechanic and newest addition to McCloud’s crew. The hangar and shuttle-deck is her home, in which she can almost always be found welding away at the bottom of a ship or speeder. She is an orphan, or a runaway, or both, her story seems to be ever changing whenever someone asks her about her past. When it comes to repair, no one is better at it. She built her first engine at the age of five, and her skills have evolved exponentially since then.

Jareth Gruman

Jareth, the pilot of The Albatross, is easily considered a professional at his job. He complains a great deal about how out of date and crummy the ship is, but if he’s completely honest with himself, he might have an even stronger sentimental tie to The Albatross that McCloud. Jareth and Dilann have been partners ever since Dilann resigned from the GANR. He is loyal to the core, and would never betray the trust of his crew.

McCloud Character Design

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